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NY Pretzels Station Toronto

New York Pretzels Station and Rentals

One of our Exclusive Party Rentals includes a New York Pretzels warmer. Enjoy fresh and hot New York style Pretzels served warm by our friendly and professional on-site attendant.

Hire our professional staff to serve your guests or rent the pretzel warmer and run the show yourself. The pretzel warmer is easy-to-use. Simply place the pretzels in the machine and serve them 10 minutes later. Simply warm and keep the pretzels in the warmer then let the fresh taste of warm New York pretzels do the talking.

Our New York Pretzels Station and/or warmer rental includes: 2 hours with an on-site attendant (optional), elegant paper bags, jumbo pretzels and pretzel dips such as: milk and dark chocolate, cream cheese, butter and peanut butter.

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