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Fun Food Stations for Corporate Events

Crepes Station

Hire our friendly on-site chef to serve your guests for a perfect crepe! Each crepe is made just the way your guests like it! Allow your guests to customize their crepe by having them choose their favourite toppings, including: Nutella, maple syrup and strawberry jam. Enhance the experience by adding fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries, raspberries and mango.

Barista Espresso Bar

One of our Exclusive party stations includes an Barista Espresso Bar. Having an espresso bar is the perfect complement for weddings, corporate events, social events, breakfast meetings, realtor open houses, store grand openings, tradeshows, conferences, employee appreciation events, as well as many other special functions.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Either on its own or in addition to the Espresso Bar, the Italian Hot Chocolate Bar is a great idea for the ultimate winter experience! Try adding a bottle of Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream and see how special the event becomes!

Belgian Waffles Station

Having a Belgian Waffle Station at your event is the perfect complement to a dessert table. A waffle station can also be used as a late night dessert station. Waffles are great for birthday parties, bridal showers and weddings, store grand openings, gala receptions, sweet 16 and and backyard parties.

Mini Sliders Station

Have you ever wanted to provide a unique food experience at your event but didn’t know what to do? Well, with Exclusive Party Rentals, you can have that mini hamburger station at your upcoming event! Our mini slider station will get your guests talking! We can provide Angus burgers and fresh buns, and cook it on our flat grills. Let our on-site attendant cook the mini-burgers in front of your eyes and garnish it with toppings such as cheddar cheese, green olives and pickles.

Poutine Station

Our Yukon gold French fries are fried-to-order right in front of your eyes, while the gravy is made from fresh local ingredients and served to meet even the most discerning taste buds. Why not let your guests decide what they would like to have in their poutine? We provide a variety of toppings to make the poutine dish unique to each guest. Our poutine dish includes French fries, topped with cured cheese covered with hot gravy (beef, chicken or veggie).

Grilled Panini Station

One of our Exclusive food stations includes a Panini Bar. Having a Panini Bar is the perfect complement for corporate events, weddings, social events, realtor open houses, store grand openings, birthday parties, employee appreciation events and any other social function. Hire our professional on-site chef and enjoy a fresh Italian style Panini sandwiches served-to-order. Are you looking to make your next event a success? Then consider having a Panini station at your function.

Nachos and Cheese Bar

This is a fun and interactive station that will get your guests excited to eat! Our Nachos and Cheese are served-to-order and topped with salsa, sour cream and jalapeno peppers. The Nacho and Cheese station is the perfect complement for birthday parties, corporate events, employee appreciation events, weddings, tradeshows, sweet 16s and any other special event. Consider also adding a cheese fountain to your cheese and nachos station for an even more interactive food experience.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Yummy and cheesy cheese grilled sandwiches are always a hit at events! Now you can get the same great cheesiness but on a smaller scale. One of our exclusive food stations includes mini cheese sandwiches. Are you looking for new food station ideas to “wow” your guests? Our mini grilled cheese sandwich station will do the trick! All of our cheese sandwiches are made of premium local ingredients and are made-to-order.

Candy Buffet

Did you ever come across a beautiful sweet table and wished you could have a similar candy buffet at your event? Well, with Exclusive Party Rentals your dream will become reality. We have a wide selection of sweets to meet each and every taste. Not only will you get a beautiful candy buffet, but you can also choose to have one of our friendly on-site attendants to replenish the jars as necessary, and help your guests maximize the interactive experience. Let us know what the special occasion is and the theme and we will have the right candies to fit your décor. 

Cotton Candy Station

Renting an old-fashioned carnival cotton candy machine, also known as candy floss is the perfect complement for social events, birthday parties, corporate employee appreciation events, charity and fundraising events.

Cheesecake Bar

Everyone loves a slice of rich and creamy cheesecake, served with a cup of hot chocolate, espresso or cappuccino! One of our fun food stations includes a Cheesecake Bar. So next time when are planning a corporate event, consider hiring one of our on-site attendants to serve your team with a slice of cheesecake, including: plain cheesecake, chocolate, cappuccino, white chocolate raspberry or triple chocolate cheesecake.

Bubble Tea Station

One of our Exclusive and fun food stations includes a Bubble Tea Station. Let one of our on-site attendants make your guests a fresh bubble tea to meet their individual tastes. Our bubble teas are not only a treat for the tongue but also a visual delight to the eyes. Your guests will enjoy a delicious and refreshing bubble tea made and served by our friendly staff right in front of your eyes.

Milkshake Bar

One of our Exclusive delicious and fun food stations includes a Milkshake Station. Let one of our on-site attendants make your guests a fresh milkshake to meet their individual tastes. Our milkshakes are not only a treat for the tongue but also a visual delight to the eyes. Your guests will enjoy a delicious milkshake made and served by our friendly staff in front of your eyes.

Cereal Bar

How can you start the day without a bowl of your favorite cereal with milk? If you are planning a corporate breakfast, then consider hiring our on-site attendant with the Cereal Station. This station is a great way to start the day and show appreciation to your team.

Lemonade Station

Planning a summer party and looking for great drinks to serve to your guests? Look no further. Our Lemonade Station includes a selection of refreshing drinks (mocktails) to keep your guests cool during the hot days of the summer! This is a perfect station for outdoor parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners or corporate events.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

How about making your own sundaes? With our Ice Cream Sundae Bar you will have the opportunity to create and design your Sundae the way you like it. Whether you vanilla or chocolate ice-cream with hot fudge sauce, fresh whipped cream, crush nuts, caramelized banana, M&Ms , and of course, the cherry on top!

Pancake Station

Always wanted to have fresh, hot and delicious pancakes made right in front of your eyes? Planning an upcoming pancake Tuesday breakfast event? With Exclusive Party Rentals you can be sure to have fresh pancakes served-to-order by our professional and friendly on-site chef.

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