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Bubble Tea Station

Bubble Tea Station and Rentals

One of our Exclusive and fun food stations includes a Bubble Tea Station. Let one of our on-site attendants make your guests a fresh bubble tea to meet their individual tastes. Our bubble teas are not only a treat for the tongue but also a visual delight to the eyes. Your guests will enjoy a delicious and refreshing bubble tea made and served by our friendly staff right in front of your eyes.

Our selection of flavored bubble teas (boba milk tea) made with green or black tea include: Almond, sesame, honeydew, strawberry, coconut, peach, mango, taro, green apple, passion fruit, chocolate, coffee and peanut milk tea.

Each one of the made-to-order bubble tea also includes tapioca pearls. Which tapioca will you have in your bubble tea? Choose either the regular tapioca, colored tapioca, green tea tapioca or coffee tapioca.

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