How to Use Machine Operation – Polar Pete™ Sno-Kone®

Many of our clients have been asking us how to operate the Snow Cone machine? So we have decided to write this post in a hope to answer this question.

The Snow Cone machine or as many call it the “Sno-Kone” has been an enormous success for Exclusive Party Rentals this summer. Perhaps, this has to do with the fact that the weather during the third1890 How to Use Machine Operation   Polar Pete™ Sno Kone® week of July was 49 degrees Celsius or 120.2 degrees Fahrenheit to our American friends. This summer has been by far the hottest summer in many years.

So to those who rented our Snow Cone or plan to do so in the near future, here is how to operate it:

1. Plug the power cord into the appropriate electrical outlet.

2. Fill the hopper to within an inch of the top with ice cubes (no larger than 3″ to 4″). Softened ice makes better the snow and prolongs blade life.

3. Toggle the POWER switch to the ON position.

4. While pushing the MOTOR switch, apply downward pressure to the pusher handle. Apply firm and even pressure to make the best snow.

Practice will allow you to estimate when to stop pressing. This allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head. Too much pressure will result in snow that is coarse; too little pressure will make the snow mushy.

NOTE: Never allow any foreign or metallic objects around the shaver area. Ice picks, scoops, and debris that may be in the ice often damage blades.

If you still have any questions on how to use the cool Polar Pete, send us a quick email and we will be more than happy to discuses it further with you.

Enjoy the Snow Cone and stay away from the heat!

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