Why Candy Apple Stations are so Heartwarming

It’s not necessarily the treats themselves that make candy apples so fun and exciting but the memories they bring back when you see one. Things get even more intense as you take your first bite into the red candy and discover the apple beneath. Your first fair or carnival comes flooding back in a blur of memories that are absolutely positive.

You have the chance to bring all these memories rushing back with a candy apple station at your upcoming event. This is one of the candies that will be most appreciated by your visitors. Who can resist sinking their teeth into one of these masterpieces?

Fun history of the candy apple

Candy apples were introduced to the world by William Kolb, a candy maker in Newark. The first ones made were originally created for the Christmas season after the apple harvest. They were also commonly seen around Halloween time when apple picking was at its peak. Up until recently, it was common to find one of these red-colored candied fruits in a Halloween bag after an evening of trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood.

Candy apples are a common treat associated with events and celebrations around the world in countries that include Japan, Israel, Brazil and Germany, just to name a few. In Brazil, you’ll see candy apples adorn the tables in many homes on St. John the Apostle feast day.

If you travel to Coney Island and are looking for a candy apple you’ll find one with a soft, jelly-candy coating instead of a shell. This apple will also have a cherry flavour instead of a cinnamon one and coconut or sprinkles are common additions to the candy.

It’s hard not to think of a certain time and a place where you were in the past when you wholeheartedly enjoyed a candy apple. Now you have the chance to invite guests to relive their memories as well by visiting a candy station at your next event that serves up nutritious apples covered in sinfully delicious, sticky red candy.

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