Why Candy Apple Stations are so Heartwarming

It’s not necessarily the treats themselves that make candy apples so fun and exciting but the memories they bring back when you see one. Things get even more intense as you take your first bite into the red candy and discover the apple beneath. Your first fair or carnival comes flooding back in a blur of memories that are absolutely positive.

You have the chance to bring all these memories rushing back with a candy apple station at your upcoming event. This is one of the candies that will be most appreciated by your visitors. Who can resist sinking their teeth into one of these masterpieces?

Fun history of the candy apple

Candy apples were introduced to the world by William Kolb, a candy maker in Newark. The first ones made were originally created for the Christmas season after the apple harvest. They were also commonly seen around Halloween time when apple picking was at its peak. Up until recently, it was common to find one of these red-colored candied fruits in a Halloween bag after an evening of trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood.

Candy apples are a common treat associated with events and celebrations around the world in countries that include Japan, Israel, Brazil and Germany, just to name a few. In Brazil, you’ll see candy apples adorn the tables in many homes on St. John the Apostle feast day.

If you travel to Coney Island and are looking for a candy apple you’ll find one with a soft, jelly-candy coating instead of a shell. This apple will also have a cherry flavour instead of a cinnamon one and coconut or sprinkles are common additions to the candy.

It’s hard not to think of a certain time and a place where you were in the past when you wholeheartedly enjoyed a candy apple. Now you have the chance to invite guests to relive their memories as well by visiting a candy station at your next event that serves up nutritious apples covered in sinfully delicious, sticky red candy.

Consider Fun Food Stations for Your Upcoming Event

If you have an event coming up in the near future, consider renting a fun food station or several of them. When you want to serve food, this is a unique change from a regular buffet style dinner or a sit-down type of meal offered by a caterer. Your guests won’t be limited to the offerings on a plate set before them or have to make do with the small selection provided at a buffet. The guests can circle around and visit the stations to order the food cooked just the way they want it.


From children’s parties to weddings

Food stations provide you with choice so that you can set up any event to your liking. Rent the cotton candy, hot dog and snow cone station for your child’s next birthday party and watch as all of the children’s eyes light up in wonder.

Take it to the next level and use food stations at your wedding as a welcome relief from the same-old, same-old catered food. Guests will be able to help themselves to nachos and cheese as an appetizer and then either head on to the grilled panini or crepe table for something more exotic. As an added touch, no wedding would be complete without a chocolate fountain that adds fun and excitement to any occasion.


Food stations offer a selection

Imagine all of your guests strolling around the room and taking samples from the food stations as they either stand around and socialize with others or take a seat to enjoy a meal. With stations lined up, guests will be able to enjoy a variety of food without having to endure any type of cramped lineups at a buffet table. It’s also the perfect setting for interaction and mingling, which is great for corporate or business affairs where networking is so important.

Whether you have a casual affair that you are organizing or are planning a formal event, there are fun food stations available that can add a completely unique flair to the ambience and atmosphere. You can mix and match the stations according to the type of event you are planning and we can supply an attendant so that you can spend your time mingling with the guests without having to worry about the food selection or preparation.

Catering companies can charge a lot for a meal that only offers a limited selection and can often be bland in taste and appearance. Now you have a chance to offer your guests what they’d really enjoy through a varied selection that will usually cost only a fraction of what you would have to pay to hire a professional catering company. Next time, think of fun food stations to help your upcoming event stand out from all others.

How to Choose which Party Rental Company to go with in the Greater Toronto Area

home page picture How to Choose which Party Rental Company to go with in the Greater Toronto AreaOne common question that our prospective clients ask us once in awhile is “How different is your rental company from all the other party rental companies in Toronto?” As a result, we have decided to write up this post in order to clear this question, and further help potential clients (event planners, event coordinators, homeowners, catering companies and others) to decide which party rental company to go with.

This post is not intended to advertise any of the companies; the sole purpose of this post is to inform our guests to this blog, about the available options, and hopefully make it less confusing when making a decision. Either way, we hope this will help you make the right decision and ensure that your party is a success!

The main five party rental companies in the greater Toronto area are: Exclusive Affairs, Chair-Man Mills, Gervais Rentals, Absolute and Exclusive Party Rentals. If you ever drive around the Downtown area, you are very likely to see their trucks, as they deliver their party rentals all over the city 24/7/365.

1. Exclusive Affairs Rentals Inc provides rentals to many venues around the Greater Toronto Area. They have been in business since 1989 and have been proudly providing their clients with exceptional service and an impeccable attention to detail. Exclusive Affairs carries a wide range of rentals, including: seating selections, tables, glassware, luxury cutlery and lots of others goodies. Visit them online at www.exclusiveaffair.com.

2. Chair-Man Mills has been in business since 1911. They work exclusively with many venues around Toronto, including: Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts, The Distillery District, C.A.N.F.A.R., Toronto International Film Festival, Roy Thomson Hall, Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto Botanical Gardens. Chair-Man Mills offers a large inventory of tables, chairs, from glassware to fine crystal, as well as lots of other items. This company keeps adding new items its inventory list on a weekly basis. Visit them online at www.chairmanmills.com.

3. Gervais Rentals is another successful company that serves the Greater Toronto Area. Gervais Rentals has been in business since 1949. Their rentals include casino equipment, chafing dishes, chair covers, chairs, cooking equipment, dishes, dance floors, napkins, silver accessories, tables, table lines, and tents. Gervais specializes also in tents. Visit their online brochure to review the pricing of their party rentals.

4. Absolute Tent & Event Services is another party rental company located in Toronto. The name says it all. Absolute has everything you will possible need for your party. The company has not been around for as long as Exclusive Affairs or Chair-Man Mills but in that short time, Absolute managed to provide their clients unique and innovative party rental items. Contact their event rental professionals and you will see what we mean when we say “they have absolutely everything”.

Now that we have compared the major five party rental companies operating within the GTA, you probably still wonder where Exclusive Party Rentals comes into play. We provide our clients with party rentals, but they are quite different from your typical rental company.

5. Exclusive Party Rentals is a full-service party rental company, based in Toronto. Exclusive is committed to proving exceptional customer service, creative solutions, interactive fun food party rentals, and a memorable experience to each and every client. Our party rentals include: Old Fashion Popcorn machines, Espresso and Cappuccino machines, Cotton Candy machines, Slushy machines, SnoKone machines, Crepe and Waffle makers, Hot Dog Grill, Ice Cream makers, Shawarma makers, Chocolate fountains, Champagne fountains, Gourmet Italian Hot Chocolate, Panini Press, BBQ Grills, Mini Hamburgers Press, as well as Smoothie and Milkshake makers.

Therefore, our inventory of party rental does not include any tables, chairs or linens. We strictly specialize in Fun Food equipment.

So now that you know the difference and the options available to you, when it comes to renting party rentals, we highly recommend you to visit their Websites, as well as showrooms. Use your imagination when it comes to party rentals or ask one of their advisers for help. Either way, we have you will have an Exclusive party!

Cotton Candy Machine Rental – Operating Manual

Yet another popular rental this summer is the Cotton Candy machine. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the name “Cotton Candy” you might be familiar with the names “Candy Flass” or “Fairy Floss”.

Cotton Candy Machine Rental Toronto Cotton Candy Machine Rental   Operating Manual

Fairy Cotton Candy fresh from the Cotton Candy rental

This is basically a form of spun sugar. Cotton candy is mostly air, and therefore, a small quantity of fine colour sugar is needed in order to create a physically large serving. Keep in mind that in order for the sugar to create this fairy form, a cotton candy machine is necessary. Even though, individuals on YouTube managed to create a Cotton Candy without using a special machine.

For example, in this video, which can be found on YouTube under “Cotton Candy Machine”, you can see how Mike has created a Cotton Candy machine using nothing but a drill. The results are not spectacular, but it worked.

However, if you are serious about creating your own home made Cotton Candy machine, you should check out this gentleman from China, who uses his bicycle to create an amazing cotton candy. The results are unbelievable. We wonder if he can make 1,000 cotton candies in three hours, the way Exclusive Party Rentals does it.

But if you really wonder how a massive Cotton Candy will look like then we suggest you to view the “Super algodon de azucar” video. We have yet to create such a Cotton Candy, but we are almost 100% sure that it will not be an easy task.

Now that we have learned about the different ways in which you can take sugar combined with heat and air to make a Cotton Candy, allow us to show you how to operate our Cotton Candy machine rental:

This “fun food machine” can be one of the main attractions at school carnivals, birthday parties or any other function for young and “young at heart”.


  1. Loosen the knobs on both side of the machine, which was tightened for transporting purposes.
  2. Plug in Floss Machine
  3. With Main switch still OFF, fill floss head. Always fill it 90% full with sugar. This 90% level is necessary to obtain a balanced condition in the floss head. DO NOT OVERFILL! Excessive vibration will occur if overfilled. Before turning power on, manually spin the head to balance out the sugar. This will eliminate excessive vibration of the head. Important: NEVER add sugar when motor is running.
  4. Turn MAIN SWITCH and HEAT SWITH “ON”. Turn heat control knob clockwise to maximum setting to initiate the fastest possible warm up.
  5. The machine should start making floss in a few seconds. When the unit reaches proper heat, it may start to smoke. Turn the heat control knob counter clockwise to eliminate smoking.
  6. Once you find the ideal setting for the Heat Control, operate the setting near this position each time.   

You are now ready to make Cotton Candy Floss. Read the above instructions and do not be surprised if your party becomes an immediate success. If for any reason, a problem occurs during the use, please contact the Exclusive Party Rentals team.

Also, remember, you are renting this equipment so please be sure to understand your rental contract and be familiar with all charges for any damage that may occur if not used correctly.

For other fun rentals for your upcoming Wedding or Birthday Party, visit us online at www.ExclusivePartyRentals.ca/

How to Use Machine Operation – Polar Pete™ Sno-Kone®

Many of our clients have been asking us how to operate the Snow Cone machine? So we have decided to write this post in a hope to answer this question.

The Snow Cone machine or as many call it the “Sno-Kone” has been an enormous success for Exclusive Party Rentals this summer. Perhaps, this has to do with the fact that the weather during the third1890 How to Use Machine Operation   Polar Pete™ Sno Kone® week of July was 49 degrees Celsius or 120.2 degrees Fahrenheit to our American friends. This summer has been by far the hottest summer in many years.

So to those who rented our Snow Cone or plan to do so in the near future, here is how to operate it:

1. Plug the power cord into the appropriate electrical outlet.

2. Fill the hopper to within an inch of the top with ice cubes (no larger than 3″ to 4″). Softened ice makes better the snow and prolongs blade life.

3. Toggle the POWER switch to the ON position.

4. While pushing the MOTOR switch, apply downward pressure to the pusher handle. Apply firm and even pressure to make the best snow.

Practice will allow you to estimate when to stop pressing. This allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head. Too much pressure will result in snow that is coarse; too little pressure will make the snow mushy.

NOTE: Never allow any foreign or metallic objects around the shaver area. Ice picks, scoops, and debris that may be in the ice often damage blades.

If you still have any questions on how to use the cool Polar Pete, send us a quick email and we will be more than happy to discuses it further with you.

Enjoy the Snow Cone and stay away from the heat!

Welcome to Exclusive Party Rentals – Blog

Exclusive Party Rentals is a full-service party rental company, based in Toronto. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer service, creative solutions, interactive fun food party rentals, and a memorable experience to each and every client. We are dedicated to providing quality party rentals, including:

  • Old Fashion Popcorn machines,
  • Espresso and Cappuccino machines,
  • Cotton Candy machines,
  • Slushy machines,
  • SnoKone machine, Crepe and Waffle makers,
  • Hot Dog Grill,
  • Ice Cream maker,
  • Shawarma maker,
  • Chocolate fountains,
  • Champagne fountains,
  • Gourmet Italian Hot Chocolate,
  • Panini Press,
  • BBQ Grill,
  • Mini Hamburgers press,
  • Smoothie and Milkshake makers.

In this Blog we will share our experience with the different party rentals we have, as well as discuss any up coming cool events in Toronto and the surrounding area.

This Blog is our way to communicate with our loyal clients! Other ways in which you can get in touch with us are Twitter and our Facebook page.